C-26 Lead Field Service Representative

Fort Belvoir, VA

Posted: 04/20/2022 Employment Type: Temp/Contract to Direct Industry: Aerospace/Aviation/Defense Job Number: 1233

Job Description

SUMMARY STATEMENT: The Lead Field Service Representative (LFSR)/Site Supervisor reports directly to the Director of Maintenance or to the Site Manager, if the beddown base (BB) or deployment site has a Site Manager. The Lead Field Service Representative (LFSR)/Site Supervisor (SS) reports directly to the Director of Maintenance or the Site Manager (SM), if the beddown base (BB) or deployment site has a Site Manager. If the BB is too small to warrant a Site Manager, then the LFSR/Site Supervisor is considered a direct extension of the management team.As a member of the team, they are expected to use independent judgment in the assignment of FSR tasks, times and locations for work, conduct formal and informal employee performance evaluations of the employees assigned to work for them.The LFSR/SS must take immediate corrective actions in the case of safety of the employees, crew members or the aircraft is in question, and when necessary, take immediate action, including adverse action.The LFSR/SS, in accordance with Company Policy, effectively recommends the rewards and disciplinary actions of the site employees, to include the hiring, suspension, transfer, termination, layoff and recall of employees to the Director of Maintenance.The LFSR/SS is accountable to the Director of Maintenance for the performance of his/her site as well as the tasks assigned to site employees.The LFSR/SS also uses their independent judgment in the overall management of the site to include providing detailed instructions to site employees regarding aircraft maintenance planning and performance, coordinating maintenance activities with the needs of the customer, and control over company and government equipment assigned to their site. The LFSR reports to the Manager of Quality while performing quality functions per Section 4 of the C-26 LCCS General Maintenance Manual (GMM) and the C-26 Audit Procedures Manual (APM). The LFSR is responsible for supervising direct reports IAW the most current C-26 Organizational Chart during their daily activities, including the performing of aircraft maintenance and the proper documentation of the maintenance, preventative maintenance, inspection or alterations in accordance with FAA FAR 43.9, 43.11, DA PAM 738-751 and instructions as provided by the Fixed Wing Product Management Office (FWPMO). They may be required to perform repairs, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and inspections on the C-26 aircraft. While working on the aircraft, they are responsible to ensure the airworthiness of the aircraft or component they are maintaining or inspecting. The LFSR is responsible for the proper documentation of the maintenance, preventative maintenance, inspection or alterations in accordance with FAA FAR 43.9, 43.11, DA PAM 738-751 and instructions as provided by the FWPMO. ESSENTIAL DUTIES: 1.Ensures that safety is paramount in all endeavors while performing maintenance, repair or inspections on the C-26 aircraft. 2.Responsible to ensure assigned FSR properly document all maintenance, repair or inspection activity in accordance with the C-26 GMM and instructions provided by the FWPMO. 3.Responsible to forward copies of closed flight packs to the, SAT Program Office on a weekly basis. 4.Verifies that all required inspection records, inspection forms, identification tags and other pertinent forms are filled out correctly prior to aircraft release. 5.Adheres to all directions and instructions given by the Director of Maintenance, Site Supervisor or Manager of Quality per the GMM. 6.Keeps informed of all current instructions, procedures, methods and practices as provided by the Program Office, Maintenance and Quality departments. 7.Responsible to assure that shop equipment and Ground Support Equipment (GSE) in a serviceable and working condition and is maintained in accordance with applicable publications. 8.Responsible to maintain a listing of calibrated tools that are assigned to the BB or deployed site and to schedule the periodic calibration of the tools as required. Rev.: IRDate: 01/20/09 9.Responsible to place repair orders and track replacement tools or equipment that are needed at the BB or deployed site. 10.Responsible to attend beddown base safety meetings as directed by the COR and to communicate all applicable information to FSRs, DOM and Manager of Quality. 11.Possesses or is responsible to maintain the minimum amount of tools as required performing the assigned duties. 12.Responsible to maintain the tool control/FOD program. Supervises FSR ensuring that there is accountability for all tools after completion of their assignment in accordance with Section 9 of the GMM – Tool Control Program. 13.Responsible to track Deferred Maintenance Items (DMIs) IAW C-26 Contract Clause Section H-1 in support of Contract Data Requirement List (CDRL) A003. Responsible to provide a bi-weekly status report to the DOM. The report should list, at a minimum, the following information: all currently open items, reason for the open DMI, status of parts required, estimated close date. 14.Supervises FSR to ensure the proper handling and tagging of all parts in accordance with the Section 3 of the GMM. 15.Responsible for performance of the receiving inspection function for incoming materials at the BB or deployed site. May be required to train and supervise stockroom personnel performing receiving inspections at deployed locations. 16.Responsible to initiate and produce the Quality Deficiency Report (QDR) to the Manager of Quality in accordance with Contract Performance Work Statement (PWS) 3.13.1. 17.Upon completion of the appropriate training, must be proficient in the use of the MISA system and be responsible for the timely and accurate input of the following data: a.All maintenance discrepancies, corrective actions and inspection activities completed during their shift on aircraft at their assigned BB or deployed site b.Receiving /Receiving Inspection data c.Material issue and removal data d.Daily recording of the following: i.Hours Flown ii.Engine Cycles iii.Landings iv.NMCM, NMCS, PMCM, PMCS, NRT and associated comments v.ETA to MC hours vi.Mission Capable Status vii.Aircraft Status Comment e.Purchase/Repair Requisitions 18.Communicates the forecast of scheduled aircraft maintenance activities to the flight crew, coordinates materials and equipment to support the forecast and assigns duties to the FSR to achieve the customers planned missions. 19.Communicates with the Senior Technicians on a daily basis when any assigned aircraft are on in NMC status. 20.Initiates requests to the DOM and Manager of Quality for Short Term Escalations (STE) in accordance with the GMM Section 4. 21.Ensures that the FSR is trained and qualified to perform their assigned duties. 22.Initiates FSR On-The-Job Training (OJT) training forms and provides them to the Manager of Quality. 23.Makes recommendations to the DOM or Site Supervisor of when FSRs require additional training. 24.Responsible for supervision and annual reviews of direct reports IAW the current C-26 Organizational Chart. 25.Responsible to maintain a current listing of Required Inspection Items (RII) qualified FSRs at the BB or deployed site IAW Section 5 of the C-26 GMM. 26.Responsible to maintain the on-site Technical Publications Library, assuring that all required manuals that are made available to the LFSR contain the most current revision. Additionally, all manuals should be kept in a clean orderly manner and returned to their proper location when the work is completed or the shift terminates. Rev.: IRDate: 01/20/09 27.Exercises control over all assets assigned to the beddown base or deployment location and is responsible for the safe keeping thereof. 28.Responsible for monthly audit of shelf life for all shelf life required parts stored at the BB or deployment site. 29.Must be familiar with and adhere to policies and procedures as outlined in the Company Policy Manual. 30.Performs other duties as required by the Director of Maintenance or Site Supervisor. 31.Daily attendance is essential to this position.

Job Requirements

EDUCATION & TRAINING: ·High school diploma or equivalent required. ·Must hold and maintain a certified Airframe and Powerplant rating. EXPERIENCE, SKILL, AND KNOWLEDGE: ·A minimum of two years prior experience in turboprop aviation maintenance is required. ·Prior experience in troubleshooting, inspection and repair of avionics systems required. ·Shall possess adequate training and experience to perform engine run-ups and/or taxi operations. OTHER REQUIREMENTS: ·Must be able to qualify for and maintain a Secret Security Clearance. ·Shall possess an appropriate drivers license covering tug and flight line vehicles as required by local regulations and/authorities. ·Must be able to qualify for and maintain engine run/taxi qualification. WORKING CONDITIONS: ·Office environment as well as daily exposure to flight line and hangar conditions of engine noise, riveting, dust and chemical fumes, none of which is to the extent of being intolerable.Hearing, vision and breathing protection provided in appropriate areas. ·May require extensive travel. ·Overtime may be required on occasion. PHYSICAL & MENTAL CONDITIONS: ·Must be able to pass the Company C-26 Initial Training Course. ·Must pass company sponsored physical examination in accordance with AR 95-20. ·Must be able to pass the company provided written examination IAW AR 95-20. ·Must be able to pass written tests as instructed by the Maintenance and Quality Departments. ·Normal physical exertion required for periods of working on foot or standing. ·Requires lifting of items weighing up to 50 pounds. ·Requires kneeling on occasion in performance of duties. ·Requires ability to twist, bend, squat, climb and/or other body movements to successfully accomplish the requirements of the position. ·Requires the use of either or both hands for grasping items. ·Manual dexterity and the ability to push/pull, i.e.: open/close file cabinets and/or handle machinery is required. ·Requires the ability to reach above shoulder height in accomplishing job tasks. ·Requires the ability to walk on uneven surfaces. ·Sufficient vision required to successfully accomplish the requirements of the position. ·Requires sustained periods of concentration.
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